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District Office

Vision (Created 4-2-2014 amended 7-06-2016)

The Soda Springs School District, in association with our community, will provide a safe and supportive learning environment combined with educational opportunities wherein each student becomes an educated, responsible, contributing citizen.


Mission (created 4-30-2014 Amended 8-12-2015)

The Soda Springs School District will:

  • Promote success by advocating and sustaining a school culture conducive to student learning with excellence in teaching.
  • Value uniqueness and diversity by fostering respectful relationships and engaging every student through varied learning strategies.
  • Assist students in developing character, physical, social/emotional maturity and a positive work ethic.
  • Incorporate relevancy, technology, and critical thinking through rigorous academic learning experiences resulting in high student achievement.
  • Provide and maintain safe facilities which meet the current and future academic needs of the students and the community.
  • Demonstrate fiscal accountability and responsible governance.

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